Something to look forward to: Opal apples

Guess what guys. There is a new apple coming to town and her name is Opal. These apples are AWESOME. I like them more than Honey Crisps! What’s the catch?

a) They have just been introduced to the market, and are very difficult to find. I have scoured my city with no luck. The good news is: we have our ways at Red Sky Orchards. You should be seeing them for sale this fall.

b) They look awful. Really, they look like Golden Delicious apples that have seen better days. DO NOT BE FOOLED. Remember when your mother used to tell you not to judge a book by its cover? That applies to dear Opal. She has a plain exterior, but is pure sweetness on the inside.


I found Opals to taste sweet (but not boringly so) and crunchy. I also think they will make excellent apple pies- there is something about them that tastes old fashioned, like how apples were always supposed to be, even though it’s a brand new variety.

You can read the marketing on the apple here:

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8 thoughts on “Something to look forward to: Opal apples

  1. Just had my first taste and yes, they are GOOD. I can’t wait to have a fresh one, considering this one I ate in April must have been in storage all winter!

    1. Totally! I can’t wait either!

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  3. It’s funny you say they look awful because it was their beautiful yellow color that drew me to the box at Safeway yesterday! I am totally putting a big ole white bowl of them on my table as a centerpiece 🙂

    1. Sara, you must have a keen eye! Most people look for a red blush in apples but I bet you’re happy you thought outside the box!:)

      1. I saw a small display of these apples at Stater Bros and I would NEVER say they look bad. These caught my eye instantly. What looks bad are the mass-produced, shellac-covered tasteless golf balls most grocery stores try to pass off as apples these days. At first I thought they were a locally-grown organic apple or something, they looked so amazing. Sad to find out they are not organic, but they still taste (and look) far better than what you normally find. I too put them on display when I got them home.

  4. I saw them advertised in my local food store Sunday flyer and figured I had to try them. I am normally a Fuji and Ambrosia apple guy but saw these and had to try. I am SO GLAD I DID! Yummy. Sweet and crunchy, just like everyone said. I think I am going to like these as an added treat to my daily apple diet. Also, the color is beautiful.

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